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Smart Happy Coffee

Weight managing, mood enhancing, nootropic infused, smart happy coffee. Formulated to increase energy, enhance clarity, boost memory, burn fat, curb cravings and elevate your mood.


Does Your Coffee do this?

  • More Natural Energy With No Afternoon Crash
  • Greater Mental Clarity
  • Enhance Memory
  • Reduce Brain Fog
  • Burn Fat
  • Increase Metabolism
  • Reduce Appetite
  • Reduce Fatigue
  • Elevate Positive Mood
  • Reduce Oxidative Stress
  • Anti-Stress and Anti-Anxiety Effects
  • Reduce Sugar and Carb Cravings

Now, your coffee can…

Elevate your sense of well-being (your happiness!) by helping your body to naturally release more happiness hormones like dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. This functional beverage (it’s more than just coffee) was built to help you gain greater clarity, focus, and mood. The result is “hacking” your hunger cravings by satisfying your brain without the need for comfort foods.

Is it really as simple as just switching out one cup of your coffee per day and taking one antioxidant-rich capsule?

YES!! It is.

You may still be skeptical.

I get it.

I was, too.

Until I tried it for myself.

So you could pass this offer up, but why would you?

Buy a month’s supply with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Or do the 6 Day Trial (and yes, you’ll start to feel it in just those six days!).

When I say it has changed my life, I literally mean it has changed my life!! I feel 100% better than I did three months ago!! I was always sick and tired! Didn’t want to do anything or go anywhere and sometimes not even get out of bed. Now I am happy, my mood has skyrocketed, and I no longer live with daily pain and worry!! So many health benefits in one capsule! Oh and did I mention no more insomnia?! Winning!!! Jennifer

Thought I’d share a personal win! This year I had become addicted to Starbucks “iced caramel macchiatos” …like bad. And although they are delicious, they are like $5, sugary caramel, and cause me a crash a couple hours after drinking them. So! I tried this homemade “magic macchiato” ? and it was delicious! Unsweetened coconut milk, ice, Smart Happy Coffee, stir. That’s it! It was a satisfying “treat” and zero sugar, zero crash, all the energy, and surprisingly filling! Becky

I’m loving this product. I’m 58lbs down. I do the Choclevate and Xanthomax combo. Started slow on it in January because i didn’t believe it would help. By March I was a believer and now I won’t miss it. My anxiety/depression is gone and proud to be off medicine. ?? Lauren

Sept. 25

Smart Coffee vs. Starbucks

Where are my Starbucks lovers at? Lets say you go into Starbucks every day. Depending on the size and drink you order, you'll spend, on average, anywhere between $3.65 and $4.95. (although I've seen way more) Your Starbucks hurts your pocket, has no health...

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What is DOSE?

The DOSE Package includes: Elevate Smart Coffee & Xanthomax. $105.00 Retail or just $94.50 SmartShip (no contract monthly shipment) Nutritional support for the four hormones associated with happiness. Our unique and proprietary products bundled together (Elevate...

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Frequently Asked Questions About Smart Coffee

Do you have a question about Elevate Smart Coffee or other Elevacity products? How much is Smart Coffee? Is there a guarantee? Can I try it? What is SmartShip? What’s the best deal? Can I open a Smart Coffee business, too?

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Get to know your "Smart Coffee Dealers" - We are Jason and Gloria

Get to know your "Smart Coffee Dealers" - We are Jason and Gloria

Smart Happy Coffee Dealers | Leaders | Team Builders | Mentors | Elepreneurs

We want to let you know a little about us. We are a power couple who love life and everything around it. We are parents of 4 amazing kids 2 handsome young men and 2 beautiful young ladies. They are the love of our lives and that’s why we are so passionate about what we are doing with these amazing products that has changed our physical health to the better. We have helped so many people with our products to better their lives. We challenge you to give it a try nothing to loose bc we strongly believe in our products that we have a full 30 day money back guaranteed.

We are on all the products such as the DOSE smart coffee, xanthomax , and Keto cre on a daily basis followed up with hemplevate 2x per day this is our daily routine. We both have lost a total of 70 pounds together. We are enjoying the new and improved us.